Financial 15: The Build Back Better Act- What is it and how may it impact you?(Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

The Senate continues to negotiate over the Build Back Better bill, a budget bill allocating nearly $2 trillion of spending over the next decade. The bill’s many programs also come with a variety of tax increases, including attempts to restrict tax avoidance through retirement accounts. The regulations contained in these policies, as well as their […]

Financial 15: The Great Resignation(Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

In the past year, record numbers of Americans have quit their jobs. In September 2021, 4.4 million Americans submitted resignations, completing six straight months in which Americans set new records for quitting. Why is this happening, what industries are affected, and what could it mean for you?

Social Security Benefit Options(Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

This webinar offers real-world strategies and methods designed for those who are preparing for retirement or are in the early stages of retirement and planning on filing for their Social Security benefits. This webinar is designed to take the confusion out of the many different options available to begin receiving Social Security income and help […]