5 Steps to Protect Your Online Identity (Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

This webinar will teach you about how your data becomes exposed, what threats you could potentially face, and 5 steps you can take today to protect your online identity. After you participate in this webinar you will KNOW how your information is being leaked, HAVE tools to protect you and your family, and you will […]

The Secure Act (Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

We have been fielding many questions lately regarding the impact of the Secure Act on retirement accounts, specifically Inherited IRAs and Required Minimum Distributions. Since there seems to be a good amount of confusion and misinformation out there, we decided to create a special 30-minute webinar called “The Secure Act and Inherited IRAs” to go […]

Taxes in Retirement (Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

The retirement process is unique and different for everyone, especially when you consider your potential tax burden in retirement. Learn more about taxation in retirement and potential ways to become less tax toxic. This event is for educational purposes. Tax services are provided independently from United Planners.  

Social Security(Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

This webinar offers real-world strategies and methods designed for those who are preparing for retirement or are in the early stages of retirement and planning on filing for their Social Security benefits. This webinar is designed to take the confusion out of the many different options available to begin receiving Social Security income and help […]

Rising Interest Rates(Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

The news says the market is fluctuating because of interest rate hikes. But what does that actually mean? At this webinar, we will discuss the role of the Federal Reserve and its monetary policy in the economy. We will explain the role of interest rate fluctuations as well as why the recent hike has had […]

Social Security Shortfalls: June 2022 Update (Presented By: Craig Ferrantino, CWS®, CFF®)

During the first week of June, the Social Security Administration released its annual Social Security Trustees report. This gives the status of the Social Security Trust Funds that pay for a proportion of the program’s benefits; the government has been stewarding them since the 1930’s. The latest report includes some concerning, if not surprising news: […]